Micro switch honeywell

Honeywell Sensing Control fabrica productos y soluciones diseñados para el cliente, para las industrias médica, de transporte, aeroespacial y de defensa.

Honeywell Sensing Control manufactures products and custom-engineered solutions for industrial, medical, transportation, aerospace and defense industries. Looking for enhanced accuracy and repeatability? Honeywell Snap-action Basic Switches, designed for accurate repeatability and extended life; simple, durable and irreplaceable Micro Switches. Honeywell offers a line of micro safety switches: miniature switches, trapped key and solenoid key switches for heavy doors and more.

Honeywell micro limit switches are available with a variety of actuators, electrical specifications, terminations, circuitries and sealing ratings.

MICRO SWITCH distributor Mouser Electronics stocks Honeywell MICRO SWITCH basic switches and products. Honeywell is a worldwide leader in advanced switching and sensing technology. Honeywell manufactures the original MICRO SWITCH brand switches:.