Cartridge heater

Obtaining maximum heat transfer and long life for high watt density heaters.

A cartridge heater is a tube-shape heavy-duty, industrial Joule heating element used in the process heating industry, usually custom manufactured to a specific . Heaters/Cartridge-Insertion-HeatersEn cachéTraducir esta páginaWatlow designed and manufactured the first swaged cartridge heater and revolutionized the heating element industry. En cachéTraducir esta páginaWatlow FIREROD cartridge heaters for high temperature heating applications including high-temperature platen applications. Cartridge heaters are most frequently used for heating metal parts by insertion into drilled holes. For easy installation, the heaters are made slightly undersize . Cartridge heaters are an extremely versatile and durable product that are used to heat a myriad processes: heavy industrial, medical devices, and more.

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Hi-Density Cartridge Heaters are manufactured using a high purity Magnesium Oxide (MgO) powder as the insulating material. Find a low- or high-watt density cartridge heater in a variety of . We have a top quality range of ceramic Cartridge Heaters which can manufacture for you. Voltage Supply‎: ‎any voltage up to a maximum of.

Maximum Temperature‎: ‎7°CResistance Tolerance‎: ‎+ – Caloritech. They feature high grade nickel chromium . Backer Marathon Heater’s HotRod swaged cartridge heaters are the industry standard. They are designed and manufactured for temperatures up to 1600°F.

The ruggedly constructe high watt density, Hi-Temp Cartridge heaters have a swaged construction to minimise airgaps and provide excellent heat transfer . Experience superior, uniform heat longer life with Heatron Cartridge Heating Elements. Contact Heatron today to learn about custom cartridge heaters. By intensive cooperation – also with special applications – hotset gives again and again innovative impulses to its hotrod cartridge heaters with new technical .

What’s characteristic about HLP is its unique heating coil construction. This cartridge heater features a heating coil wrapped around a specially-selected ceramic .