Air conditioner remote control app android

A Smart IR Universal Remote Control for Android.

Smart Remote control for electronic devices with your SAMSUNG Galaxy S S Note . The universal remote apps for Android allow you to control all appliances. The app can control many devices including, TVs, air conditioners, . Searching for a goo reliable IR Remote Control app for your Android? AC, TV, Set-top box and even my camera, have an IR remote that I . The first app on our list is AnyMote – Smart Remote Control, which. Supported IR devices: AC, A/V systems, DSLR cameras, video game .

We take a look at four top Android remote apps and reveal our best all-rounder. TV, set top box, air conditioner or anything else you want to use the app for – as long as . Universal Remote Control free app for TV , Air Conditioner , DVD Player , Blu Ray , Cable Satellite Set top box , Media player , Home cinema . The clever app utilizes both your Android phone’s infrared emitter and its. SureMote: A universal remote-control app for the Android operating system. If you own a Samsung device, then there will be an app named Peel. How do I control TV/AC using Android phone that doesn’t have a IR Blaster? I made a DIY IR Remote using a headphone jack which goes into . I run a company that has developed such a device.

We now have approx 0models of AC in. You are right, the IR remote control sends a signal that combines a lot of things: – On/Off(/Idle). Is there an Android app to capture the infrared signals of an air conditioner remote and use my phone as an AC remote?